Our Charity - Beauty Products For Charity

My name is Kenesha and I am the CEO of NCG Apparels, a Social Media Coordinator and founder of Beauty Products for Charity @beautyproductsforcharity. 
Our mission is to build and maintain the self-esteem and confidence in women who face social and economic challenges by providing donated beauty products. 

Beauty Products for Charity is a non-profit organization that provides beauty products to women who are financially challenged/disadvantaged, especially those in women shelters. Many of these women lack the confidence they need to get back on their feet because of their circumstances and these hair products will help to restore their pride and self-esteem needed to get through their difficult experience/situation and eventually face the world.

We partner with stores in our Provinces where we have a box/basket for persons to donate slightly used to new beauty products.
---In Toronto we have @naturalcanadiangirl (founder) working with @kyrochebeautysupplies(Ajax Ontario)
**More locations to be announced.

For our International Sisters we have a P. O BOX address in Toronto where we will accept donations to this address :

PO BOX 99900 QZ 684 783

A shelter/home in each Province is selected as per donation collected and a presentation is done accordingly. 
All items /presentation are captured and documented via Instagram. 
Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions for you to list us in your directory. Looking forward to working with you. 
Kenesha @naturalcanadiangirl 
Founder @beautyproductsforcharity